The greatest thing about technology is that it is consistently evolving making life more comfortable and more convenient. The same principles about technology apply to the dental industry and the changes that have been made to help people that are missing teeth. Implant dentures have now become an industry standard due to their stunning resemblance to actual teeth. Implant dentures even feel the same as a regular tooth would and work just the same. Here are a few reasons why you should consider implant dentures for your missing teeth:

The Case for Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most efficient and enduring approach to replacing missing and lost teeth. While dental implants also help with the overall appearance, they also do a beneficial job in maintaining and strengthening your oral condition. When teeth are lost, the bone inside your mouth that supports the tooth tends to degenerate. Dental implants will help invigorate the supporting bone to help keep your oral health in good condition. Unlike natural teeth, the implanted tooth will not decay nor, will it be susceptible to cavities or other detrimental effects.

How dental implants work is that highly-trained dental specialists will use a screw-like post made of titanium which is then implanted into the jaw where the missing tooth previously existed. After the tooth has been installed, you will either need to have a permanent crown, bridge or denture over the new implant. The purpose for either a crown, denture or bridge is to ensure that your tooth survives in excellent condition through decades of talking and eating. The dental specialist will make an educated choice and will discuss with you in-depth about the best available options and what is best suited for your oral condition.

Advantages of Implants

The advantages of dental implants are aplenty and a wonderful resource for individuals that feel less confident or happy from the loss of their teeth. Our dental team here at High Prairie & Area Dental Clinic recommend dental implants for the following reasons:

Appearance & Feel

The obvious reason that dental implants are a benefit for those with missing teeth is that they look and feel the same as regular teeth. They do not stand out noticeably as replacements and perform with precision.

Helps Maintain Shape of Your Face

The loss of teeth can contribute to sagging in your face. When the bones that are kept strong from healthy teeth they begin to decay, it can transform the shape of your face which many say decreases self-confidence and motivation. With dental implants, the bones in your face will stay strong preserving your face’s shape.


Even after decades of chewing and talking with implant dentures your teeth will remain in excellent condition if you follow the dental specialist’s instruction on how to take care of your new implants.

Implant dentures provide comfort, relief and reassurance for those that have lost their teeth in many different circumstances. Regain your confidence. Contact High Prairie & Area Dental Clinic today, and we will discuss what options work best for you!