Relaxing in a dentist’s chair can be extremely difficult for some people. Many patients have discomfort or anxiety about going to the dentist which may be because they possess a low pain tolerance, sensitive teeth, or an overactive gag reflex. A fear of drills, needles and other medical tools can also cause patients from scheduling dentist appointments. If you experience any of these common dental phobias and often avoid scheduling checkups, the solution may be oral sedation. Don’t avoid dental procedures or neglect proper oral hygiene; oral sedation can relieve your dental fears and have you smiling again.

Oral sedation uses medication to help relax patients during dental procedures. There are many different forms of oral sedation from minimal to moderate. Oral sedation was created to help relax patients during a trip to the dentist and to reduce fears that are associated with going to the dentist. The most common oral sedation is through pill form, with the dosage depending on the patient’s level of anxiety or the procedure at hand. Through oral sedation, you will feel drowsy, relaxed, and relieved of any pain you may have experienced during your visit.

Here are the most common advantages of oral sedation:

Can Be Used for Those with Disabilities

Those who suffer from mental or physical disabilities may find oral sedation beneficial to receiving effective dental care. Some individuals with disabilities find it harder to sit still or cooperate during their dental treatments. Oral sedation is an easy solution to make the experience for the patient and dentist as seamless as possible.

Helps to Relieve Fears and Stress

With those who’ve had negative dental experiences in the past, oral sedation is a great way to help relieve those fears or stresses. The fear of the unknown can become a recurring theme for some patients; however, the use of minimal sedation can help relieve this uneasiness with no adverse side effects.

Can Be Used to Relieve Pain and Discomfort

Pain relief is why oral sedation is such a popular option for dental patients in Canada. Especially for patients who possess an over-sensitive gag reflex; oral sedation is a great way to relieve pain caused by strained pharyngeal muscles. In addition, it allows the procedures to run more efficiently and prevents the possibility of a patient experiencing supplementary pain.

Helps Restless Patients Find Comfort

For patients that get antsy while sitting in the dentist’s chair, oral sedation can help relax all their nerves. Many patients find it difficult to sit still for a long period of time and they may get a little irritated, especially young children. Oral sedation helps to relax patients, providing the dentist with the opportunity to complete the dental procedure in a short amount of time.

There are different levels of sedation and different reasons for its utilization. Discuss with your dentist about the possibility of using oral sedation to see if it is right for you. If you suffer from any form of dental phobia, contact us today at High Prairie & Area Dental Clinic to explore your options.