Endodontics treatment in High Prairie, AB

Root canal treatment, or endodontics, is normally performed as a last effort to save a severely decayed tooth. Despite the common misconception, root canal procedures actually cause very little discomfort in patients, and the final result will eliminate the pain you are feeling from the infected tooth.

The pulp of the tooth is imperative to nourishing your teeth as you grow; it also plays a part in the sensitivity of your teeth. However, once your teeth are fully formed the pulp is no longer necessary. When the pulp inside your tooth is exposed due to decay, it may become infected. If the pulp becomes infected it can cause extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks.

During a root canal procedure, the tooth is drilled away to give the doctor access to the canals. The infected pulp is removed along with the infection, and gutta-percha rubber is used to fill the canals to prevent future infection.

A crown is placed over the tooth in order to maintain shape and function.

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