Oral Sedation Dentistry Services

You do not have to neglect your oral hygiene if you experience dental anxiety. According to an article published by the Canadian Dental Association titled Effects of Psychological State of Pain Perception in the Dental Environment, between 4% and 20% of people suffer from some form of dental anxiety. Ignoring routine checkups can lead to degrading oral health and an increase in medical expenses.

Luckily, at High Prairie & Area Dental Centre we offer oral sedation options to help relieve your dental fears. Our friendly and courteous doctors will go over your oral sedation options with you to decide what is best for you.

How Can Oral Sedation Help Me?

Oral sedation is taken in pill form. A range of dosage amounts is available depending on your anxiety and the type of procedure you are undergoing. Through oral sedation, you will feel relaxed and drowsy. Not only will the sedation help alleviate the pain of the procedure, it will help reduce the recollection of the sights, smells, and sounds that are often associated with the dentist’s office.

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